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(Russian) Использование программного RAID-1 (gmirror) в FreeBSD + Shell скрипты для управления

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(Russian) Backup FreeBSD используя Shell

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(Russian) Делаем шлюз, NAT и статическую маршрутизацию во FreeBSD (DefaulGateway+IPNAT)

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(Russian) Защищаем SSH от мародеров с помощью sshguard

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IPFW – FreeBSD firewall setting up

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FreeBSD kernel rebuilding (buildkernel)

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FreeBSD is installed — what’s next?

In the previous article “FreeBSD Installation step by step (with screenshots)” we’ve installed our OS FreeBSD. Now let’s make the initial settings.

After the installation and the first system reboot, we get to the login/password window. For the first time enter as rootuser, for which we created password during system istallation.

The purpose of this article is to describe the next steps:
1) Access – how to enter and work in network as a root user (sudo, default shell, text editor);
2) Network configuration (ifconfig, rc.conf, resolv.conf);
3) Ports update (cvsup);
4) System update (buildkernel and buildworld).
5) Defend everything precious for us with the help of firewall
6) Additional setting rc.conf – set up the console (rc.conf);
7) Installation of additional programs (make install);

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FreeBSD Installation step by step (with screenshots)


What is FreeBSD installation like? How difficult and unclear is this process?

About this and other issues is written in FreeBSD Manual (so called – Handbook) in a best way –

In general this handbook is recommended for anyone who wants to learn FreeBSD, and understand many aspects of its work, its concepts and programs used.

But, since I haven’t seen any system administrator who started learning of FreeBSD from reading Handbook. 🙂 And also knowing that many are too lazy to read manual and look for a necessary information, – I will describe a typical installation of FreeBSD, which I do myself. With screenshots and explanations of what and why I do.

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Update of the FreeBSD Ports Collection

Let’s review one of the way to update the FreeBSD ports collection.
I use cvsup program, which I install together with the system. But it’s not a problem if you didn’t do it.

Search it in ports –

cd /usr/ports/
/usr/ports]# whereis cvsup-without-gui
cvsup-without-gui: /usr/ports/net/cvsup-without-gui

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Installation of Samba on FreeBSD

Samba — this program, which allows access to network drives and printers with different operating systems to SMB/CIFS protocol. It has client and server parts. It is free software released under the GPL.

First of all, samba will allow to give access to some specify directories on the network. Using SMB protocol and password protection, you can copy necessary files, e.g. – for settings, system configuration or backups.

So, our task, – to make share to some directories, with password protection, with access only from certain IP-addresses or address ranges.
So said so done.

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