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(Russian) Настраиваем связку nginx frontend (отдача статики) + apache22 (+php52) backend на FreeBSD

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What to do if the system does not boot, or you messed up important configuration files? A small FAQ on FreeBSD recovery

How to boot in single mode?

During booting, in the boot menu, choose Single mode – with figure 4

If there is no boot, before you reboot, press the space bar and enter “boot -s
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Installation of web-server apache22+php52

Apache HTTP-server (from eng. a patchy server) — free web-server.
The system of Apache configuration is based on text configuration files. It has three nominal configuration levels:
– Server configuration (httpd.conf).
– Virtual host configuration (httpd.conf from version 2.2 extra/httpd-vhosts.conf).
– Directory-level configuration (.htaccess).

We will install apache22+php52

Part 1 – Installing of web-server Apache

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