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What to do if the system does not boot, or you messed up important configuration files? A small FAQ on FreeBSD recovery

How to boot in single mode?

During booting, in the boot menu, choose Single mode – with figure 4

If there is no boot, before you reboot, press the space bar and enter “boot -s
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If the applications don’t run after the FreeBSD release upgrade

If applications don’t run because of the old libraries (e.g., after release updating, it is necessary to install the compatibility pack of the old release.

 [[email protected] /usr/ports/misc/compat6x]# make install clean 

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“et_EE.ISO8859 No such file or directory” during the FreeBSD world updating

While new hardware installing, sometimes I got such an error during the world updating

et_EE.ISO8859 No such file or directory


– it caused by the wrong system date. Set the correct time in BIOS and in the system.

When copying articles, refer to the source!